• TERASPECTRA: Terahertz Time-Domain Spectrometer
    A wideband spectrometer to fill the Terahertz Gap!
    The incident energy in a ballistic event is the sum of trauma generating energy and dissipated energy
    Terahertz nano-scanner/3D imager for wafer reject minimization

Why Applied Research and Photonics, Inc.?

Applied Research and Photonics, Inc. is commercializing terahertz line of instruments including Terahertz Spectrometer (TeraSpectra©), sub-surface nanoscanner and 3D imager, scanning reflectometer for skin scanner and thickness profiling, ballistic analyzer, terahertz reflective interferometer for paint and coating layer analyzing.  Terahertz technology provides the next generation capabilities, overcoming the so-called terahertz gap, with new spectroscopy applications in this spectrum range.

  1. TeraSpectra: A Terahertz Spectrometer

    ARP’s terahertz spectrometer is a novel technology having applications in biological, biomedical, pharmaceutical, and other life science areas.

  2. TeraScanR: A Scanning Reflectometer

    TeraScanR© uses a proprietary EO dendrimer source that generates stable CW T-ray at room temperature.

  3. Terahertz Nano-Scanner

    Effective testing for wafer reject minimization by terahertz analysis and sub-surface imaging.

  4. Terahertz Reflective Interferometer
  5. Terahertz Dynamic Analyzer

    Terahertz dynamic reflectometer (TDR) for ballistic analysis.

  6. Research and Development

    APR continuously working with global  research and development institutions and continue their development…  

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