TeraSpectra: A terahertz spectrometer

Applied Research and Photonics, Inc. or ARP’s Terahertz Spectrometer, TeraSpectra is a turn key spectrometer. Time domain measurements can be conducted over a time span of sub-Pico seconds to a few tens of Pico-seconds with an equivalent frequency range of 0.1 to ~30 THz. This wide range allows characterizing a number of molecular events important for biomedical and materials research. The spectrometer applications may be developed in diagnostics, pharmaceutical, and related areas. For more technical details, please visit our Technical Publications.

Specification summary is given below:

Parameter TeraSpectra

Time resolution ~33 Femto-seconds
Time span Up to 100 Pico-seconds
Fourier Transform Frequency Range 0.1 up to ~35 terahertz
Technology Next generation EO
dendrimer terahertz emitter
Source power >5 milliwatts, average
Sensitivity ~100 FemtoMol



  • The cost of ARP machine is lower with higher performance because of its proprietary next gen technology.
  • A high power source enables probing a wide variety of specimens thus expanding the scope of the spectrometer.
  • High signal to noise ratio.
  • High sensitivity, ~100 femtomol.
  • Turn-key platform.
  • Collaborative investigations available.